Enhance Skype online communication with Yugma
Free, Instant Web Conferencing for Skype
The Yugma SE (For Skype) is a Skype Extra that builds upon Skype's offering by adding instant desktop sharing and collaboration functionality. Skype users can instantly begin sharing their computer screen with anyone, anywhere - regardless of the application, software or operating system - with Yugma SE. Yugma's integrated functionality makes it easy for Skype users to instantly web conference with their Skype contacts or non-Skype contacts. Once Yugma SE is installed, it automatically recognizes your Skype Name and allows you to instantly Host or Join a Yugma Skype meeting. You don't need to register for a Yugma account to use Yugma Skype Edition. Whether you are hosting or joining a Yugma Skype meeting, you can easily invite a friend or colleague from your existing Skype contact list. Teaming up Skype with Yugma SE (For Skype) gives you all the tools needed to accomplish any task required in a traditional, face-to-face meeting.

NOTE - We provide Yugma SE as a feature, but can not support it any longer, as the current version of SKYPE no longer supports Skype Add-Ons.

With Yugma SE you get:
  • No Yugma registration required - only a Skype Name is needed to use Yugma SE
  • Free, unlimited online meetings for 1 host and 1 attendee
  • Easy-to-use desktop and application sharing
  • Share your desktop or any application with Windows, Mac or Linux users
  • Secure and reliable
Professional Collaboration Features Available for Yugma SE
Real-time Interactive Collaboration
With a Yugma subscription you have access to Yugma's powerful interactive collaboration tools. As the Host of a Yugma Skype meeting, you can make any attendee the Presenter at any time. That way, meetings can flow organically between multiple parties, and you can accomplish more in a single meeting.The Host/Presenter can also share mouse and keyboard controls at anytime with other meeting attendees, allowing you to collaborate in real-time on virtually any application or software. Yugma SE (For Skype) helps anyone be more productive all day long. Sales professionals can review proposal changes with clients; technical support representatives can more effectively assist remote customers; project leaders can have more effective weekly reviews; lawyers can review and revise contracts with clients; and you can collaborate with your online communities on topics of interest.
Collaboration Tools
  • A Whiteboard feature that allows you to interactively brainstorm and capture your ideas during a Yugma meeting.
  • Annotation tools allow you to draw lines, shapes, and freehand in order to highlight what you are presenting to others. You can save your whiteboard diagrams and annotations in standard JPEG format for later use.
These intuitive Annotation and Whiteboard tools help you illustrate your thoughts and capture ideas

Shared File Space
We've all emailed important documents that have gotten trapped in spam or virus filters, or returned undelivered due to size limits. With Yugma's Shared File Space feature you can avoid all that. Yugma gives you up to 100 MB of web storage space to post files so that you can easily share project or team files that can be downloaded by attendees at any time.
Meeting Recording, Playback, and Webcast
Yugma P Series subscribers can record their Yugma meetings with the Record and Playback feature. Save the file directly to your computer for later playback in Yugma's cross-platform player or upload to the Yugma website. You can upload up to 100MB of recorded meetings or sessions to the Yugma website. Use the Recording Manager tool to get the URLs for your recordings, share your recording via email with others, or delete recordings when no longer needed.
Yugma SE (For Skype) and Yugma
If you are a registered Yugma Free or Yugma P Series user, you can use Yugma SE. If you are Yugma P Series subscriber, you can access all of your collaboration features after you sync Yugma SE to your Yugma account. After installing Yugma SE, you can sync the application to your Yugma Free or P Series account when you begin hosting or joining a Yugma SE meeting. Simply follow the steps provided.
Feature Comparison of Yugma vs. Yugma SE (For Skype)
Yugma SE
(For Skype)
Skype Name Auto login & registration
Skype Name & Yugma User ID Sync
Desktop Sharing
Free Teleconferencing Number
Public and Private Chat
OS Support: Windows, Mac & Linux Windows, Mac & Linux Windows & Mac Only*
Shared Mouse & Keyboard control
Change Presenter
Annotation & Whiteboard tools
Schedule Meeting
Meeting Recording & Playback
Shared File Space
No advertisements
Join Meeting Options for Attendees Yugma Free, P Series and the Yugma Viewer (View Only) Yugma SE, Yugma Free, P Series and the Yugma Viewer (View Only)
Access to your Skype Contact List
Single Application Sharing
Time / Number of Meeting per day Only For Free Users. Only For Free Users.
Automatic Updater
* Linux users can join a Yugma SE meeting hosted by a Yugma SE user with Yugma Free, P Series or the Yugma Viewer (View Only).
System Requirements
Yugma SE (For Skype) supports instant web conferencing for everyone. You can host or attend view only and interactive web meetings from any Windows (2000 or later, Pentium CPU or greater, 512 MB RAM - optimal), Mac (OSX 10.4 and higher) operating systems. Linux users can only join a Yugma SE meeting - they cannot host a Yugma SE meeting. Supported distributions include: Centos, Red Hat Enterprise 4.0, Slackware, Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Open Suse.