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Webinars help you sell, promote, train, inform and save money

Yugma users can harness the power of the Yugma Webinar feature. This powerful added feature gives you the ability to conduct an unlimited number of Yugma webinars. With the Yugma Webinar feature you can register people, track your registrants and see who attended your webinar meeting. Not only will you have the complete web conferencing and desktop collaboration tools of Yugma P Series, you'll be able to promote and grow your business, product or service to new and existing customers by launching your own webinar program or campaign.

Guests can sign up to attend your Webinar

The Yugma Webinar feature allows anyone to register to your meeting or presentation. It's up to you. Distribute your webinar registration information to a private group or promote it publicly on your website or blog. You can also embed the link for the webinar registration page into a widget or email, then distribute or promote your webinar as you wish. The Yugma Webinar feature gives you the ability to see who has registered and who attended your webinar. You'll be able to track new leads and connect with them in the manner that best suits your goals.

If you would like a demo of the webinar feature, contact our Sales team at sales@yugma.com or call 1-612-353-9739 to talk to a team member.
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