Professional & Enterprise Accounts
Why Yugma For Business?
Yugma is a powerful service that can be used to extend your business, better meet your customer's needs, and save your company valuable time and resources.
Yugma and Enterprise Service is ideal for any size of business that is looking to work with remote teams or contractors, provide remote technical support to customers or employees, conduct virtual training, host webinars, provide remote services, or just about anything else you can dream up.

Yugma Features
Number of attendees that a Yugma Host can invite 2, 20, 50, 100, 500
Desktop Sharing
Public and Private Chat
Customizable Widget
Windows, Mac and Linux compatible (32-bit)
Skype Integration **
Desktop Sharing (View Only)
Share Mouse & Keyboard controls with other attendees
Change Presenter
Annotations & Whiteboarding Tools
Schedule Meetings
Meeting Recording & Playback **
Shared File Space
Single Application Sharing #
Multiple Monitor Support #
Quick Poll
Take Control
Yugma Webinar registration & Data Tracking
Technical Support / Customer Service Email, Phone and Web
Sponsored Advertisements No Advertisments
* Only normal long distance charges apply.
** Windows and MAC only.
# Windows and Linux only.
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Collaboration vs. Sharing
While Yugma excels in its screen sharing capacity, the real power of Yugma lies in its real time collaboration capabilities.
With Yugma, multiple people can collaborate in any program, sharing mouse and keyboard capability in real time. The whiteboard feature of Yugma allows for virtual brainstorming meetings, either in or outside of meetings. The annotation tool allows for one or multiple people to edit or provide comments on work in progress.
While many of our competitors focus on structured collaboration, or the kind of collaboration that happens in meetings, Yugma focuses on two types of collaboration: fluid and structured collaboration.
Yugma Features
Yugma offers a robust set of features to meet the needs of any business. Here are the brief highlights of just some of the features you get with Yugma Pro:
Yugma Viewer
Allow meeting participants to quickly connect and view your meetings without having to download or register for Yugma.
Mouse & Keyboard Sharing
Collaborate in any program in real time with one or multiple people, whether they are in the same office or across the globe.
Annotation and Whiteboard tools
With these easy-to-use integrated tools you can brainstorm in real time, edit documents, or just add some flair to your presentations
Meeting Scheduling
Schedule your meetings and send invites in advance. Keep track of your scheduled meetings on Yugma's integrated calendar.
Meeting Recording, Playback, and Hosted Webcast
Record important meetings or demos for later viewing. No codecs or file compatibility issues, your recorded meetings will be hosted by Yugma and playback in any browser.
Shared File Space
Avoid important files getting trapped in virus or spam filters by posting files for clients or colleagues in Yugma's shared file space.
Yugma SE and Yugma P Series
If you are a registered Yugma Free or Yugma P Series user, you can use Yugma SE. Yugma P Series subscribers can access all of their P Seriescollaboration features in Yugma SE when they sync their account service to the Yugma SE application.
Yugma Enterprise Feature
In addition to all the powerful web conferencing and collaboration features you get with Yugma P Series, Yugma Enterprise users also get some key features to help manage Yugma across a larger organization, such as group account administration, consolidated billing, and an optional branded meeting portal.

For more information about our Enterprise Service, please email or call one of our Yugma for Business Account Representatives at Intl. dail +1-612-353-9739 or email at business@yugma.com
Yugma Webinar Feature
The Yugma Webinar feature is an optional service that can be purchased and added to any of the P Series accounts (P2, P20, P50, P100, and P500). This feature gives you the ability to register people, track your registrants and see who attended your webinar meeting. Not only will you have the complete web conferencing and desktop collaboration tools of Yugma P Series, You'll also be able to promote and grow your business, product or service to new and existing customers by launching a webinar program. Yugma Webinar is affordably priced at $19.95 / monthly or $199.50 annually. Learn more.
Yugma for Business Pricing
Yugma P Series starts at just $24.95 per year for 2 attendees and $9.95 a month for 20 attendees. We have service plans to fit any size business allowing up to 500 attendees per meeting.
For more information about our Enterprise pricing, or to speak to a Yugma representative about how we can design a custom plan for your business, please contact us by phone Intl. dail +1-612-353-9739 or email at business@yugma.com