Yugma Free VS P Series

Yugma Free gives you free web conferencing with up to 1 attendees. Instantly share your desktop, document or application to present or discuss your ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime.Sign up now

Yugma P Series gives you even more - desktop sharing, plus the power to fully interact and collaborate with others. Use annotation & whiteboard tools, share mouse and keyboard control, change presenters instantly and more.

Yugma Features
Yugma Free
                  Yugma P
Number of attendees that a Yugma Host can invite 1 2, 20, 50, 100, 500
Desktop Sharing
Time of Meeting / No of Meeting per day Limited Unlimited
Free Teleconferencing *
Public and Private Chat
Customizable Widget
Windows, Mac and Linux compatible (32-bit)
Skype Integration **
Desktop Sharing (View Only)
Share Mouse & Keyboard controls with other attendees
Change Presenter
Annotations & Whiteboarding Tools
Schedule Meetings
Meeting Recording & Playback **
Single Application Sharing #
Multiple Monitor Support #
Quick Poll
Take Control
Yugma Webinar registration & Data Tracking
Toll-Free Service (optional service for Free/Pro users)
Technical Support / Customer Service FAQ, Support Page, Forum Email, Phone and Web
Yugma Trial users: Yugma Trial users enjoy Yugma P2 features after signup. In order to provide better service to paying users, Yugma reserves the right to limit services to users of free services including number of meeting per day and time spent in meetings.
** Windows and MAC only.
# Windows and Linux only.